We now meet at our new location, the Hollywood 20 movie theater!! The movie theater is located near Airport Rd. and off of Naples Blvd. Doors open at 9:30am with free donuts & coffee from our cafe. The experience kicks off at 10:00.

From the start Livewire has been a church reaching out to the unchurched inviting and welcoming people from all ages and backgrounds to come hang out with us. It's no secret that we do church in a modern and relevant way. Reaching the unchurched and doing church with a relevant approach are one of the two main things we considered when choosing Hollywood 20. Our lead pastors, Josh and Kristine have said from the beginning that their desire was for Livewire to be right smack in the middle of where things are happening. It's the marketplace and we're excited to be in the center of it.

Some of the benefits of the movie theater are:

* It's a naturally, engaging and compelling atmosphere
* Everyone goes to the movies making it more inviting to visit us
* A church meeting in a movie theater is a great conversation piece
* It's a nontraditional place for a nontraditional church
* Comfortable chairs to sit in make a comfortable rear end
* Use of the big screen for visual, music lyrics, videos, and scripture
* Safe and secure environment for children
* Children love going to movies and reaching kids means reaching families
* Plenty of parking and easy access to facility
* Easy to reach, highly visible location
* Large lobby to hang out and enjoy community
* Right in the center of where a lot happens in Naples (i.e. restaurants and retail stores)
* Excellent marketing opportunity
* More appealing to the crowd that's not looking for traditional church
* Easier setup/tear down every Sunday
* Theaters are built for traffic flow, crowds, and entertainment making it easier to transform for Livewire experiences